Fall Like Sand… From Your Hands Into His

Fall Like Sand… From Your Hands Into His

Do you feel that?

That earthquake deep inside your soul…

It rattles your ribcage and inflates your lungs.

It’s electricity… it shocks your heart into a knowing, into a clarity, into a new day.

That moment when you can feel each atom of your body becoming…

Becoming a galaxy, a wave of energy, a beat…

Drumm… drumm… drumm…

Your heart is alive and so are you.

Dance to the rhythm of a new year—

A new you.

You cannot be contained, controlled, held down.

Reality is a sea and your body is the ship that carries you… swaying forth and back, forth and back with the waves of consciousness.

You rock with the current and become found in spirituality as you become lost in the world.

The wall of earthly things that has been keeping you trapped, falls like sand.

You realize… there were never really walls at all.

Each breath is a cause that creates the effect of living.

In, out, in, out.



A soul finally realizing itself.

Unzip your skin and hang it on the coat rack…

Walk away.

You no longer need your old self.

Today, you finish what you started.


You Are FREE.


You have walked across an internal beach of trauma… hot ashes of defeat, betrayal and loss burned deep into your soles, but you kept walking.

Your ears couldn’t balance the horizon, as the ringing of pain numbed your senses and scarred your mind, but you kept walking.

The storms pierced your eyes and blinded you to the next step making you doubt and stumble, but you kept walking.

I’m so proud of you.

I’m. So. Proud.


For we, Christians, put our trust and faith in God, our Father, when we need Him to motivate, inspire and support us…

We ask Him to assist us when we start a new career, relationship, journey…

And that’s easy… when WE’RE in control.

But what if variables outside of our control affect our future?

What if someone else holds the decisions that will change our tomorrow?

That test result… that job offer… that pregnancy test… that moment you tell someone, “I love you,” not knowing if they feel the same or if they will ever say it back…

How do we trust God when we don’t control the variables or the outcome?

I’m so glad you found yourself here, beloved, because I will tell you…

If you are here, it’s because God placed you here.

That moment when you are taking a test, applying for a job, making a life, or falling in love—

He already placed you, so He will see you through it!

Hold on to that truth when you cannot see the how or the why…

You are here, aren’t you?

It’s because He positioned you for greatness, and to fulfill your life mission.

Even when you don’t control the variables… even when you can’t see the outcome, trust in this:

You are in the right place, and you are not here by chance.

“Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” -Psalm 37:4

Written by: Michelle TK