Winning the Battle of the Spirit Versus the Human

Winning the Battle of the Spirit Versus the Human

Lately I’ve been working with God on how to better navigate the “fight” of the spirit versus the flesh, and this morning He gave me what I needed to write about it! The KLove verse of the day, full scripture, and theme for July 4th is freedom, as pulled from Galatians Chapter 5:

The full story from Paul about how to use our God-given freedom is SO good. He does a great job explaining the spirit vs. the flesh, yet there is much debate about this in the Christian community. Some believe that our flesh desires to sin, whereas others believe that if we’re letting the Spirit lead us, we don’t want to sin, but to do what is right. I believe we can dig deeper into scripture in order to truly understand both sides of who we are. (It amazes me how so many people are fascinated with fantasy and scifi content, superhero stories, and the supernatural world, yet have a difficult time believing the God truth… that in fact WE are not of this world, and WE are part human and part God. No one on this earth is 100% human, and technically, we’re all immortal. Fiction isn’t nearly as marvelous compared to the truth of us!)

The debate that I want to discuss and hopefully clarify here is how to best navigate our lives as part human and part God. We can feel like 2 people, and that’s okay, because we are. The wisdom from Paul shows us the importance of the following process:

Spirit-led >> Love-led >> Spirit is stronger and wins over the flesh.

However, complications arise when we realize that 1. Not all Christians are actually letting God guide them. (You can believe in Jesus’ finished work on the cross, yet not be following God’s path for your life at all… 2. Not all human desires are actually sins3. Not all human desires are purely physical, but involve the emotions and the mind as well, and… 4. The enemy often attacks the weak human part of us because the Christian in us is too strong; however, the faults of our flesh can start to sicken the Christian part of us if we’re not careful…

So, how can we bring balance to this fight and make sure that we are allowing the Spirit to lead us, and not letting our weaker human side dictate the outcome of our lives?

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Written by: Michelle TK

🇺🇸 Happy 4th of July!

Thank you to all who served and sacrificed so that I may live in human freedom on this earth!