Always Showing: The Movie of Your Life

Always Showing: The Movie of Your Life

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting in an empty theater in the dark, watching the movie of your life… and Jesus comes into the theater and sits down beside you…

He asks, “What are you watching?

“My life,” you reply.

Jesus says, “You know, there are other movies that you can watch if you want to.”

You reply, “No, this is the only one playing.”

Jesus says, “Actually, you don’t need to watch a movie at all. It’s a beautiful day outside… would you like to go for a walk?”

“I can’t leave the movie theater.”

“What makes you say that?” Jesus asks.

You don’t answer because the truth is that you don’t really know why you continue to sit there and watch the same movie over and over and over again. (But I know why.)

Jesus finally stands up and says, “I’ll be right in the back row there watching along with you… if you find an answer to my question, or if you want to leave at any time, just let me know.”

You nod and continue to watch the same scenes on repeat.

Now, you may not know why you keep sitting there, replaying an endless loop of your past traumas, your failures, and your future fears, but I know why. Are you listening? Because if you’re here, you have at least pressed pause long enough for me to give you this message:

You are so committed to this movie because you believe a lie from the enemy. Don’t think you’re being lied to? Then how do I know that what petrifies you the most is failing… AGAIN? How do I know that this fear causes you to press “play” continuously? It’s because I know the SCRIPT. The lie that the enemy tells all of us is the same: You’re not good enough, smart enough, important enough, capable enough, or WORTHY enough to shift the plot, to create an alternate ending, or to change the movie completely. But is one lie really dangerous enough to drive most of your choices, behaviors, and words? It is when there’s leverage involved…

The reason that you’re so intent on watching this movie play (even though deep down inside you’re in torment over it) is because along with satan’s lie, he’s built in two major plot lines to make sure you glue your life to his narrative:

ONE: The leverage he’s holding hostage, and TWO: The things you’re sacrificing.

I don’t even need to know you to know the script…

Example One: I’m not smart enough to start a business (Lie)… and if I do, I’ll fail and I’ll lose all my savings. (Leverage.) I should probably stay in my current job and forget this fantasy. (Sacrifice.)

Example Two: I’m not capable enough to be a parent (Lie)… and if I have kids and they end up with all of my issues, I’ll feel so guilty. (Leverage.) I should probably just forget my dream of having a family. (Sacrifice.)

Example Three: I’m not worthy enough to be loved (Lie)… and if I meet someone, they’ll end up hurting me or I’ll hurt them. (Leverage.) Maybe I should stay alone; it’s probably for the best. (Sacrifice.)

This script is word for word, and although the leverage and sacrifices look different for all of us, the lie is still the SAME, and that is the movie’s opening scene! How does God intervene? Hold onto your popcorn…

I know what you’re thinking right now: “The movie isn’t that bad. I’m getting through it. It is what it is. I just need to accept it and keep watching.” But the thing is, God didn’t make us to survive, He made us to THRIVE, and He loves interrupting the movie with evidence that contradicts the enemy’s lie. The interjections come in the form of endless opportunities, “exit” signs, open doors where we only saw walls, relationships that are meant to guide us toward a script flip, and turning on the light of truth in the dark to shake us from our trance.

So, ask yourself why you’re so committed to watching this movie despite the constant good interruptions from God. The lie is the same… but what is the enemy holding hostage to keep you locked in this theater of repetitive torment? And at the end of the day, when your weak legs and tired back carry you over to the projector to press “play” again, ask yourself, “What am I sacrificing for this? Is this sacrifice something that God would want me to forfeit?”

God is trying to show you the TRUTH—the new movie, the new script, the alternate ending. He is just sitting there with you, watching your eyes dart back and forth in pain as each memory, failure, and fear play out over and over again. Still don’t think you’re being lied to? Then how do I know that deep down you HATE this and want it to end? How do I know that you have days where you’d rather break your own legs just to stop yourself from walking back over to the “play” button? How do I know that your inability to stop watching is eating at your soul? Let me give you the story CliffsNotes…

The lie isn’t real. The leverage is just a rouse. The sacrifice is how the enemy wins and steers you from God’s path. But don’t be upset with yourself; in this movie, YOU have been satan’s hostage. You have been tricked, threatened, and held… but NOT against your will. Jesus is waiting for you to stand up and throw your pain against the projector and break it to pieces! Tear holes through the screen and get OUT of there!

I believe that you can press STOP. And if you don’t feel strong enough to make a grand exit, ask God to press “stop” for you; you don’t even need to leave your seat. I promise that He will turn the movie off and protect you from those painful scenes. If you still find yourself replaying thoughts on loop, then replay God’s love for you and who He says you are. Replace this bad habit with a positive routine!

Jesus has been sitting there with you all this time… He has felt every pain you have, as a father’s heart aches when he sees his child hurting. Today is the day that the movie ends for good. Go for that walk with Jesus, and see where it takes you.

Written by: Michelle TK

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