“No one comes to the Father except through me.”–John 14:6. A Simple Way to Understand the Purpose of Jesus

“No one comes to the Father except through me.”–John 14:6. A Simple Way to Understand the Purpose of Jesus

Over the years, my relationship with God has grown and evolved in such profound ways, that I can only share certain parts of it with others. Although I write about Biblical concepts and openly talk about my faith, most of my personal experiences are kept private for a reason—God trained me to be a teacher, which means I guide rather than command. A Spiritual connection with God begins with learning the milk of the lessons before learning how to digest the meat. We must build our understanding and relationship with Him over time. Rarely do I reveal the details of this training unless God calls me to do so. My goal is not to give anyone direct answers, rather spark a person’s desire to seek their own unique path. In my training, God asked me to use these 3 methods to deliver His messages:

One. Use simple, clear language that most age groups can interpret.

Two. Remove your own opinions and speak directly on scriptural truths.

Three. Illustrate how every lesson glorifies God and is absent of the human ego and worldly influence.

Why did God ask me to use this outline to teach? Because it’s the same one He uses—the same one that Jesus implements. Who is Jesus that you know of? The son of God. God in the flesh. The sacrificial lamb who died on a cross as atonement for the sins of all mankind. What is the purpose of Jesus in ways you may have never considered?

>> A walking, talking instruction manual on “how to” live life according to God’s design.

>> A personification of God’s power in the real world by demonstrating miracles and proof of Him.

>> The simplest representation of love—the milk of God’s entirety, capabilities, and unmatched omnipotence.

When Jesus says, “No one comes to the Father except through me,” there is a deep meaning behind this statement, and I want you to understand it. The Trinity of Father, Son, Holy Spirit is meat, but I just want you to consider the milk this Easter weekend…

I have spoken to countless people who’ve said things like, “I believe in God, but I have a hard time with the whole Jesus thing.” Here’s the clarity: Jesus was God’s best gift to us in the form that HE chose to show us how much He loves us. Relate it to a real-world relationship…

You want to prove your love for someone, so you come up with the grandest demonstration that you can think of. You are so excited for this special person to see the big reveal! The proof of your unconditional, everlasting love! And even though this monumental moment will be unforgettable, you know it’s only just the beginning of all the ways in which you will continue to show your love. You have so many plans and ideas to deepen your relationship with this person, and you can’t wait until they see the main feature!

Surely once this great act is witnessed by the love of your life, the REST of your acts will be welcomed, felt, appreciated, and experienced as proof of your lasting love! There’s just one problem… you rolled out the red carpet, set off the fireworks, prepared every tiny detail to perfection, and created the most spectacular, mind-blowing display of your love… and the one you did all of this for didn’t believe it. Wasn’t impressed. Didn’t really care. Walked away… and never looked back.

As you’re standing there feeling alone and rejected, you would then have just one question: If this person didn’t believe in my greatest gift of love, what else can I do? All the deeply profound ways I had planned on showing my love will also be ignored. But I have so much to say, and so much to show! I could keep trying, but the truth is, my love will most likely continue to be rejected.

In a Spiritual context, of course God never gives up on us, and even when we dismiss Him, He will continue to pursue us all the days of our lives. However, the Bible clearly states that in the end, when humans are crying out to God to save them, He will say, “I never knew you.” He will say this to all those who never used their lives to get to know Him. To know God, is to know Jesus. To experience the power of God and continue to see His love and blessings pour over us, we must first see Jesus as His greatest act of love for us.

Without Jesus, God is just some abstract concept that gets misconstrued or mixed in with “religion” or other spiritual practices unrelated to the Bible, or The Trinity. Without Jesus, God is a myth. A whisper in the wind. A far away idea… With Jesus, God is a human man who showed His everlasting love for us by demonstrating the one act that should have been seen as miraculous, and something that only the One, true God could do: raise the dead! People actually saw Jesus alive after being dead and put their finger through the holes in His hands, and still… rejected Him. Walked away. And never looked back.

God wants to get to know all of us, but many of us aren’t seeking Jesus, who is the only pathway to God. This Easter weekend, please consider the true purpose of Jesus in its most simplified form—God’s love for you. This was all… for YOU.

The song below is called, “Graves into Gardens,” and I chose it because God is still performing countless miracles every day! He is healing the sick, saving the lost, restoring the broken back to wholeness, and yes, still bringing people who have been pronounced dead back to life! The door to God is through Jesus… take His hand this weekend and let Him take you to the Father. When you meet God, you will be shown wonders so great that Jesus will become your best friend and love of your life for walking with you and guiding your journey to salvation. Your entire future is awaiting you, beloved!

Story Time! Here is a personal encounter I had with God in 2019, which He was only able to facilitate because I believe in His greatest act of love—Jesus. (This is only one of hundreds of supernatural experiences I have had with God, and He wanted me to share this one with you today. Enjoy!)

After a long, agonizing night of crying and sulking, telling God that I feel dead and that it’s too late for Him to fix me after all I have gone through, I finally fell asleep in a big pile of tissues and pillows. Morning came, and as the bright summer sun glowed around the edges of my darkening curtains, a beautiful song began to wake me up… the sound of an enchanting wooden flute filled my whole house. Stepping out of bed, still in a bit of a dream-like fog, I began to walk through each room, and even went outside on both porches, searching for the source of the music. Realizing that this experience was probably a sign from God, I crawled back into bed, grabbed my phone and looked up “flute music in the Bible,” while I was still listening to the melody playing all around me. The verse that God led me to is known as the story of “a girl restored to life.”

“When Jesus came into the ruler’s house and saw the flute players and the noisy crowd wailing, He said to them, “Make room; for the girl is not dead, but sleeping.” And they ridiculed Him. But when the crowd was put outside, He went in and took her by the hand, and the girl arose. And the report of this went out into all that land.” —Matthew 9:23-26 NKJV

God put the crowd outside and went in to have a private moment with this girl, exactly like He did for me that morning. His message to me was: “You are not dead, only sleeping. I will stop the funeral music that is playing, take your hand and heal you right here in your bedroom with no one around. And when I do, you will go out into the land and tell everyone that I can heal the sick and raise the dead.”

Thank you, Jesus! I am here, alive and breathing, and telling the world that it’s all because of you! Amen.

With love, Michelle