“I Am Healed”

“I Am Healed”

Our whole lives are a healing journey, so I wouldn’t say we’re ever really “done.” But personally I would rather eat glass than see one more post on social media that focuses on the “T word.” At this point, most of us have already suffered through it and the worst is most likely over… but we have to stop replaying it over and over again!

When I have a session with someone who says that even after years of traditional therapy, they are still struggling to overcome these past “T” events, I ask them the same questions: “When are you done revisiting the “T?” How many more times do you think you need to go back to that time of your life? When will you establish your own boundary to not allow yourself to keep revisiting it?” The usual response? “I don’t know.”

If you saw the post where I burned all of my journals 9 years ago, it’s because I wanted to physically destroy the possibility of re-living my past. I established a personal boundary, set the parameter, and chose to only look forward. On that day, God asked me: “Who are you?” And I said… “Not THAT girl.” And He responded, “Then never go back there again.” So I had a bonfire and moved on.

Please also consider the popular quote, “Time heals all wounds,” and remember that SO many conversations and photos are stored in our devices for us to access at any time… I believe this is also causing delayed healing and closure. Personally, I don’t delete things, but I practice self-control and avoid looking back. This has helped me a lot, and I hope this suggestion helps you too. I’m a firm believer in setting boundaries for ourselves at times, as well as reaching a point where we understand that re-living the past is doing more harm than healing. So, let’s focus on getting to the point where we no longer reinforce the old and begin to reaffirm our present energy and who we want to be tomorrow!

Positive Affirmations:

I am healing!

I am so proud of how much I have overcome!

I embrace all the parts of myself and my past with grace!

I have peace over what was!

I am grateful for the breath in my lungs because it means I am here for a purpose and my story isn’t over!

I have hope for my future!

I am happy!


With Love, Michelle