Is It Just a Stone?

Is It Just a Stone?

Dear Friends:

The purpose of these Spirit-led words is to shine God’s light of truth on the greatest deception this world traps us in… and to prove to you the existence of God by asking that you receive this wisdom, and then take your own journey with Him. In your journey, you will meet Jesus, and He will take you to the Father. Through this unfolding relationship, all of your questions will be answered, sparing none.

In The Matrix movie, do you remember when the little boy bends the spoon, but then says, “There is no spoon?” Neo was wondering how the spoon could be altered, but sometimes our questions are not the right ones. “How did you do that?” is irrelevant. The real question is, “Why am I seeing this when there is in fact, no spoon?” Furthermore, once you have the question, how do you obtain the answer? What if I told you that the spoon represents the illusions that the enemy uses to distract us from truth, and that the little boy, whether a prophet or servant can also be a similar distraction? Well, then YOU would be able to go find that truth entirely on your own, right? There is only one stepping stone between us and receiving God’s truth and power—His name is Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus is the cornerstone of the church, and that all of us are living stones building God’s kingdom. So, is it just a stone?

“By His divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know Him, the one who called us to Himself by means of His marvelous glory and excellence.” —2 Peter 1:3

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” —John 14:6

These are instructions for proof of God. Peter is saying that we can obtain everything we need (all the answers) by coming to know Him when He calls us directly (our personal relationship with Him.) There is nothing we need in order to gain access to God, except for Jesus. Throughout history, humans have built false alters and statues to “get” to God. We have followed false prophets, worshipped deities, and entrusted inanimate objects to “give” us power. This is all deception.

A worldly example followed by the Spiritual truth: Some people burn sage to transmute/remove dark energy from a space by believing that sage has the power to do this. When in fact, WE can call on the name of Jesus Christ to cast out demons ourselves without burning a plant. In the Old Testament, BEFORE Jesus, we read that people burned incense as an offering to God, imagining that their prayers were going up to the heavens within the smoke. This WAS okay, but later Jesus became the ultimate offering so that we would no longer need to make any. God wants us to believe that Jesus was the sacrificial lamb, and by doing this, we can call on God and receive His power at any time. Do you understand what this means? God created satan, who fell from His grace when he wanted to be more powerful than God, but did God not promise us in the verse above that He would give us everything we need? Satan’s first lie to humanity was when he projected his own sinful desire onto Eve: Don’t believe what God said… you can have MORE if you eat this. The truth is that WE have more power than satan by only just speaking the name of Jesus Christ; by calling on the One who holds all the power. So who needs a spoon? Or sage, or a statue… or even another human to interpret God’s will? Let’s go deeper…

Nothing has power or comes to life without God. He raised Jesus from the tomb on the third day after being dead. It’s not logical to raise the dead. Neither is immaculate conception, walking on water, or any of the other miracles that Jesus performed with God’s power, yet some of us believe a plant has power without God. Jesus performed miracles to literally try to PROVE the existence of God to us, and He is still showing us this proof today in all things, everywhere. What do you think gives YOU life? What would it look like to merge technology and science with divine love? Just look in the mirror…

This life is all about our own personal journey to get to know Jesus, and then make our way back to God. Along the way, only He assigns the power and the meaning to the things around us in order to reveal His instructions, love, and proof of Himself. If you are looking for the meaning and the purpose of your own life, you are essentially looking for God because without him you’re not alive. And without a relationship with Him where we allow His power to transform us, the elements and the words around us are not alive either. Inside of a molecule is an atom. Inside the atom is a nucleus. In the nucleus, there is a mystery holding it all together. Maybe Adam was in fact Atom, and the mystery lies inside of dust held together by the force of God, as represented by a mere white stone.

“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.” —Revelation 2:17

The details of this verse are between you and God. The hidden manna is the nourishment God gives us through each personal experience we have with Him, and the white stone is the new person He calls us to be when His Spirit brings us to life. The enemy uses every deception he can to block us from this direct pathway to God in order to destroy our lives and take us off course, so we never realize that we have the ability to tap into God’s continuous fountain of living water, which pours wisdom and healing into us with no limitations. The Bible says, “Apart from me, you can do nothing. With me, anything is possible.” You see, the illusion of the spoon (or any other object including humans) is that without God, nothing has the power of life. Jesus’ entire life was an instruction guide to FIND A STRAIGHT PATH to God without satan interfering with temptations, emotions, false wonders and more. At the heart of Jesus’ life is LOVE because God is love. Without love, we have nothing, including life. With love, we have everything, including eternal life. The Spirit of God frees us from all lies, confusion, and the anxiety that comes from human pain, chaotic emotions, and fear.. from falsehoods, and worldly limitations.

The deepest wisdom to be gained from choosing to believe that Jesus represented God’s ultimate power when He pointed every miracle He performed back to the Father, was to FREE US FROM ILLUSIONS, and give us the ability to communicate DIRECTLY with God Himself. Do you see now? We were never meant to have anything blocking us from God, but we chose to sin… so now we have to deal with the enemy on a regular basis. The original plan was to always have a direct path to God with no interference. God sent Jesus to be that doorway back to Him.

On this Easter weekend, we remember who Jesus represented—the One who rolled the stone away from the tomb, who can raise the dead and bring us everlasting life. Now WE can begin to build our own intimate and personal relationship with Jesus, and through Him, we will come to know the proof of God. Now we can hold in our hands the precious relationship between us and God by understanding the miracle and power that a mere stone can have. Although our own stories will all be unique, we are called to share these experiences with everyone as witnesses to the power of God. That is how we bring others to Jesus, and show them the way to the Father.

Today, we remember Jesus, the cornerstone of God’s grand design for life after death. Today, we can walk to the stone door that God rolled away from the tomb and receive our own white stone… the name written on it is between you and Him.

Love and Blessings,


A finch was only a bird until God brought power to a special meaning for my life through it. He showed me His unfailing promise for joy in my future if I listened to His instructions and followed them. I could fill up a whole truck with stones, each being a personal experience of His proof and love for me. Some of you also know the story of exactly where and when I met Jesus this past September, and have seen the photos. (I said He gives us proof so we can be witnesses for others, didn’t I?) Unless God inspires more writing, it may be another year or 2 before I get back to my blog and social media, because God said to me through scripture: “By His wounds, you are healed.” So right now, I am focusing on living a joyful life, free of the enemy, and giving all the praise and glory to God through Jesus. 🙂

Now you understand why peace only comes from God’s truth… because the truth is, we’re not human, we’re Spirit, and the enemy can’t touch us, only deceive our human forms. Some people believe that the apple on the Tree of Life/Knowledge was actually a pine cone, and represented the pineal gland in the brain… also called our third eye chakra through which enlightenment is achieved. If you want even more to think about… some people believe the catholic church uses pine cones in their decor and staffs to mock the fact that “religion” traps us blind when they know how to awaken. Didn’t I say the Bible has ALL the answers? “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” —James 1:27. There you are, it’s defined. “Religion” is love, and “church” is togetherness. Enlightenment (or “waking up”) is the act of realizing that there is no death; there is only a transformation from a human body to an immortal, spirit body through Christ.

There are good and beautiful blessings that come when we allow God to set us free. His freedom heals us of human ailments like mental illness, addictions, anger, negative thoughts, PTSD flashbacks, anxiety attacks, depression, spiritual anguish, and even physical sickness.. all of which used to plague my life before The Great Physician took me to God to be transformed; from death to life. And what kind of wisdom does He bestow upon us? Well, look at what you learned today from ONE Bible verse, and a rock… Believe in His power for your own life, and start living today! Meet me at the river! <3