Demon Slayers Don’t Fear Man OR Bear

Demon Slayers Don’t Fear Man OR Bear

Okay, society, you brought this question into existence and I’m ready to give my answer… How dare you try to intimidate a choice out of me by forcing me into an unrealistic scenario, presenting me with two options, of which, I am to choose the one I fear the least. First of all, NO ONE tells me what or whom to fear. Secondly, you can’t intimidate a soldier of God. Thirdly, I won’t join the satanic fear machine of division, be it regarding gender, race, religion, beliefs, or anything else. I simply refuse to choose the man OR the bear— I choose God.

Yes, I understand the meaning behind this scenario-based dilemma, and I am in no way making light of the devastating poll results. We are living in a world where women are so intensely afraid of men that every single woman chose to be trapped in the woods with a bear rather than a man. This is extremely disheartening and disturbing. However, I don’t appreciate being the target of a fear-based campaign to further destroy the little hope that remains in this world to repair the covenant between men and women. God designed us to be in a sacred union of trust, devotion, and loyalty with the Holy Spirit bonding us together. Now, here are the women… out in the woods alone and afraid, hoping they run into a bear rather than a man. It breaks my heart…

What do I say about this fear? Send them ALL. With God, I fear nothing. Man and beast are not evil on their own: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness.” –Ephesians 6:12

This means that ALL evil operating in a vessel that is human or animal is not flesh, but supernatural. Our weapon against spiritual warfare is also supernatural— it’s God, and He grants us dominion over all evil when we call on Him. It would serve you well, society, not to go up against the power of God operating in a vessel of light. Demon slayers are real and I’m one of them. If we have the authority to over-power demons, neither man nor beast could ever harm us.

With that being said, I truly hope that the men of God begin to rise up and stand for the women on this topic. We need righteous, trustworthy leaders who will fight for justice! Do not stay on the sidelines and watch us women get thrown into the woods to face the darkness alone. God created us to withstand the forces of evil together!

I pray that the men who see the posts and videos about the “man or bear scenario” will use this as an opportunity to step into their role of Apex. I might be the only woman among the masses choosing to have hope that good men still exist… but none of us should succumb to this fear mongering! I believe God is still putting Kingdom couples together and nothing will change that. My question is… which of you men will join me in the woods and fight the devil by my side? I’m out here; where are YOU? Let us put this scenario to rest and show the world how love truly conquers evil.

With Faith, Michelle

In the woods TOGETHER <3