Let God

Let God

The “Let Them” theory is currently blowing through social media like a hurricane, so I thought I’d toss in my opinion on it. If you’re unaware of what this theory is, I’ll give you an overview… It’s a long, emotional piece of advice reminding people to let go of the pain and trauma inflicted by others, and simply “let them” be.

The author writes: “Instead of getting upset at other people’s actions or trying to control their behavior, just let them do what they’re going to do − and don’t take it personally.” While this is pretty good advice, the second wave of this viral theory is rolling in countless “let them” tattoos which are circulating on social media. Please consider NOT getting this inked on your body! Here’s why…

This whole idea is about letting go; which if you talk to people who have gone through years of therapy, most will say that the “just let it go” suggestion can be one of the least helpful. It does attempt to empower the person by reminding them of their control over their own actions and reactions to others, but I see two problems here:

ONE. When we let something go, we have to then fill that space with something that is healthier for us. Otherwise, we’re left with a big gaping hole in our hearts, accompanied by guilt because, shouldn’t it be easy to just let it go? Well, it’s easier to do if we put it down, then pick up something that’s better for us. It’s more helpful to focus on what we want (the future self) rather than what we don’t want (the past self.)

TWO. The tattoos… I truly believe that the Bible advises against marking up our bodies because God knows what type of lives we would be living BEFORE getting aligned with Him, and He doesn’t want us to have constant reminders of our pasts every time we look at ourselves. The devil’s greatest weapon over us is emotional manipulation, usually by trying to drag us back to the past any way he can. But God wants us to see a healed person once we come to Him.

Think about it like this: people who overcome addiction look in the mirror and get to see a healthy, glowing reflection, and not the consequences of drug use. Do you really want to put the word “them” on your body and have a constant reminder of all those who have left scars on you? If you truly want that kind of daily reminder, to each their own… but the idea is to move forward into a renewed place of the self and let go of those people. As we begin to heal, seemingly progressive concepts like these will start morphing into the truth of their underlying destructive nature… Perspective: A great way to stay trapped in a repetitive loop of trauma is by accessing it 24/7! Do recovering alcoholics get tattoos of their favorite beverage with “don’t drink” above it? Think about it…

If you are considering getting this tattoo, I would encourage you to pray on it first. Let’s let go of the past and pick up self-love by never going back to those dark places again! It is a remarkable act of healing to realize that the “reminder” of the pain we have overcome is seen in a reflection of health and happiness! WE are our daily reminder that the past no longer has a hold on us. “Let God” is better advice. He knows the intentions in our hearts and has seen every injustice committed against us. Trust that He will repay accordingly and reward us for our faith and courage! Let’s tell “them” goodbye today and move forward in freedom and peace.

With Love, Michelle

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