Holy Spirit Bugs

Holy Spirit Bugs

At dusk, as I was in my kitchen eating a snack and looking out the window into the woods, I began to think about all the parts of my body that resemble structures found in nature. My fingerprints look like tree trunk rings.. my lips look like a leaf.. my lungs look like tree branches.. my atoms look like little galaxies.. and I asked God, “How did you make everything so intricate and connect all of it together so perfectly?”

A moment later, in the dim of early evening, the first lightning bug of the summer lit up in my backyard! “A light in the dark,” I said aloud. Then I heard God answer my question… “I started with light,” He said. Tears filled up my blinking eyes as I smiled into the darkness and watched more lightning bugs begin to glow and glide through the yard. The most intelligent designer answered me—a simple human girl who took a moment to stop and value His work—just because I asked, and just because He loves me. My heart was glowing too.

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.” — Genesis 1:3-5

Unfortunately, satan still has his hand in everything on this earth and is always trying to ruin the things that God makes. You want proof? Here are the search results on how lightning bugs glow: “Fireflies have a light organ located in their lower abdomen. In this part of their body, a biochemical reaction called ‘bioluminescence’ takes place that allows them to convert chemical energy into the glowing light that we see. A chemical called luciferin can be found in the cells that make up the firefly’s light producing organs. When this chemical is combined with oxygen, it forms a new chemical called oxyluciferin which causes the firefly to produce light.”

Why do scientists incorporate so many religious references in their research? Why did they decide to call this chemical luciferin when satan is referred to as “the light bearer,” who luciferians believe is the benevolent savior of mankind and not Jesus? We can’t even look at a small creature in our backyards without seeing how humanity has corrupted and polluted God’s perfect creations. People discovered lightning bugs and among every name possible, they chose to call them lucifer… sit with that for a moment…

God created light. He is the true bearer of light. And this light of Christ wins even in a small example like this one. Oxygen must be combined with this chemical for it to glow, and oxygen is something found on earth for our physical bodies but doesn’t exist in Heaven. Are there lightning bugs in Heaven? How do they glow? I’m sure it’s not called luciferin in God’s kingdom! The enemy only has power on earth, which is why Christians love to say, “On earth as it is in Heaven,” during prayer, because satan hates it. In Heaven, he is no one. Christians bring Heaven down here to earth each time we exhibit godly behavior and spread His Word. The last thing the enemy wants is for the world to be like Heaven; a place he’s banned from. As for lightning bugs? I have decided to rename them “Holy Spirit Bugs.” Thanks for coming to my biology lecture.

Remember this: Although people have painted a version of God that is angry and vengeful; testing us and making us feel guilty when we don’t measure up, please do not believe this until you build your own personal relationship with Him. That version of Him reflects humanity’s unhealed ego and is being impressed on us by false teachers. Do not allow this world to distort the precious grace of God’s love for His creations. Never have I known such gentle care from anyone in this world like He shows me… He holds my hand like a child, my heart like a woman, and my soul like an artist. He sends me Holy Spirit bugs to reference scripture, rainbows when I’m lacking faith, birds when I need hope, flowers in the shape of butterflies, stones with stories inside of them… and so many more gifts.

When we experience a pure relationship with Him, undefiled by human involvement, we find that it’s gentle, kind, and compassionate. I have supernatural experiences like this one so often, that I thought I should share more of them! In fact, God shows up more and more for those He knows will make testimonies and spread them around to others because that is what true fellowshipping is. If you want to see more of God, start by sharing more of Him!

My hope is that everyone will spend time getting to know our Heavenly Father on an intimate level and experience the fullness of His love… and one of the best ways to do this is by simply asking Him a question and listening for His answer. What will you ask Him today?

With Love, Michelle

Extra: After writing this article, I made the finishing edits lying in bed. When it was finalized, I looked up and this was my view of my night stand… Trust me when I say that God will speak to us through anything and everything. Amen! <3